Een tweede getuigenis

Many stories are similar in Nepal but reality is that many people are fed up with worshiping to idols and offering many things from their properties; but still people are searching a God who gives peace and joy and also redeems from witch, witch doctors and propaganda of hindu, boudh and Kirant dharma.

Here in Phalantey village (near Pakhribas ) 3 people have taken water baptism and 9 people have accepted Christ Jesus last month. 5-7 people are getting ready to receive Him after this Deshain and Tihar. 

A young boy, Pawan Magar, 14, got sick for long time and he worshipped and offered, asking witch doctors many times but finally when he got the message of hope through our Evangelist Maan Bahadur Limbu. He received Christ Jesus and healed. After a few days people asked him to pray his God for sick people so he prayed to God for others then immediately they got healed; after that 9 people accepted Christ Jesus. Evangelists Maan bdr Limbu and Bhakta Magar are preaching them and people are excited about Jesus although in this areas was preached through our believers from Pakhribas Church before. We hope God will work here in Phalantey and they are coming to Pakhribas bazaar fellowship for the worship every week and our Evangelist goes to Phalantey mid of week for prayer meeting , follow up to them and preaching.

Kuber Gurung


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