Wij vragen om uw gebed

Zojuist hebben we een bericht ontvangen van regioleider Kuber Gurung. We willen u vragen om hiervoor te bidden.

Dear all,

A lady Mrs Kamala Rai from Salley Fellowship (Udayapur Nepal) is under the human trafficking, She was went to India with a lady from the same village to earn money by labour work since last about 45 days. Her family came to know about this just last two days ago and her husband and kids are tearing without eating. She has sold to prostitution zone where her fellow lady sold her in about 50 thousand Indian currency. After 45 days  She could phoned to family and informed them last Saturday then the family came to know that She has sold as prostitute. She is crying for released. They are very poor in financial so please pray for her rescue.

We are trying to rescue her through the channel.

Thank you.

Bram Krol