Story of Santosh Rai

I am Santosh Rai, from Udaypur district, Rautami village ward no. 4 at Salle. There are eight members in my family. Me and my wife along with two daughters and four sons together. I received Jesus Christ in 2004 AD. At first, I was unknown and didn't have good biblical knowledge and teachings of God.

My economic condition was very miserable, living below poverty level. To earn the living, look after the family and in order to fulfil basic needs, I went to Darjeeling, Bhutan, and several places of India and Nepal to carry heavy loads for others. That was my only one income source to run my family and to live a day to day life.

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Once in Meghalaya, India I was suddenly physically ill. I used to fall down and remained unconscious many times. I was attacked continuously 14-15 days. One day a friend of mine who was working with me and he was a Christian told me to pray to Jesus. He prayed for me and after that, I was completely healed and became normal again. Jesus blessed in my life and I could work continuously and could earn some money and then after few months, I returned back to Nepal to meet my family.

During that time in my village people were very religious and ritual of worshipping ancestral gods like “Machhakma” and“Tungrip” believing in dead souls at home.

I used to carry only 60 Kg of weight load when I was physically fit. But after forsaken all those disbeliefs and superstition and false gods again I was persecuted for the second time in my life and became very sick. I felt very hopeless and depressed

in my life and I was searching for true God who could help me in this situation. Fortunately, two Christians came in contact to me. They were familiar to me, they prayed for me and stayed at my house for few days. They talked about Jesus and asked me to believe in this God. I was so touched by their sharing and I readily prepared for the baptism. We both husband and wife baptized in the name of triune God after few days. Next day when these Christian friends left from us and immediately I was unwell but I prayed to God

and put our trust on him, I was healed immediately. I regained my body with power, strength and physically fit. I could carry a load of 100kg of weight along with my bedding and belongings to delivery to various places and capable to fulfil basic needs for my family. This happened because of God's mercy, showering the blessings in my life.

There were no any Churches and fellowship centres in my village so that I had to walk 6 hours to reach for fellowship and 6 hours to return home. To attend the Church service, I need to give two days for going and coming.

When the villagers came to know that I became a Christian non-Christian people started to hate me. The villagers denied borrowing the oxen to plough the fields also. But by the grace of God and his abundant blessings, I could buy oxen and some cattle from my daily income. There were no other Christian in my village for 8 years. Later some villagers started to come with me and listen to the gospel from me.

Now I am living happily with my family and earning some income from the fields and no more carrying heavy loads for others as a porter job.

Santosh Rai with his wife

Santosh Rai with his wife

At present, I am working with HEF as an evan- gelist. Because of our family witness and preaching the gospel, I enable to bring 9 families in Christ. They are baptized and all are continuously attending and having fellowship together in Salle.

I thanked my Lord especially for helping and guiding me in many areas of my life which was a great blessing for our family. This is great blessings and love of God providing me eternal life and my life has changed from darkness to His lightness.

I do expect and request all of you to pray for my fellowship ministry and my family as we are continually working hard to extend his kingdom.

Thank you.

Santosh Rai

Salle, Udayapur

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