Santen Mandal of 49 years old living with his wife and have two sons and three daughters. They are from Sagarmatha zone, district Saptari, Tirhut Village Development Committee ward no. 5 Lojhara. All the daughters and the sons have already got married.

One of their daughter whose name is Papila Mandal. Her behaviour was friendly and good. She got married in 2014 and has a son. Since 2016 she is mentally retarded. Her parents have taken her to the hospital for the treatment many times. At the same time, she was taken to the witch doctors also for the treatment as the tradition of superstition is still prevailing in the Nepalese society. Her condition has not improved and was more deteriorating day by day. In May 2016 she had a problem that her speech was completely changed with behaviour. She used to speak unnecessarily, weep, laugh etc. She was taken everywhere for betterment to the witch doctors and physicians but condition more worsening, as same usual no, any difference occurs. She was taken to pray in the temples, pilgrims but her condition went poorer and poorer day by day. No any sign of improvement in her health. She could not recognize the people, went away from home, scold the people who faced her. Later information had been sent about the details of her ill health condition to her parents. Her father knew all he was speechless, tears rolled down and hardly could speak a word. After some time he held her and hugged, tried to cool down and calm himself. He had a long discussion and talked with fathers-in-law for her treatment but they refused and denied to keep her and finally handed over to him. He brought her home and restarted the treatment. She was again taken to doctors, renowned witch doctors, sacrificed animals in her name as their rituals and tradition, going to various places in Nepal and India expecting to be cured. He applied all measures. Whoever advised to take her anywhere he did in order to treat her well. He spent about 1,000,000 rupees and he was helpless also financially very weak. Her husband knew all the ongoing condition but betrayed her leaving not cooperating left her in such situation and got second marriage.

Papila Mandal


In this situation, for the rights of her daughter and grandson, he filed the case in the court against polygamy marriage and violence. The case is still in process and not yet finalized the decision. He spent some amount to attend the court and for all the procedures. He was underestimated by all sides, suffered from the pains and hurdles. He was helpless and hopeless.

At the end of December 2017, one Christian brother met him and he preached him the good news of Christ, “He is the saviour, messenger of peace and a great healer.” He was interested and a Christian brother brought him and his daughter to Elder Prakash Thapa Magar’s house (one of the Regional Leader of HEF).

In her first appearance, the condition was serious, speechless and she could hardly recognise anyone seemed statue. Prakash Thapa told and preached them about the almighty God 's love, his miraculous deeds, his sacrifice for all our sins and teaching of Bible. Her father responded positively, started to attend our fellowship. We continue praying for her. I and her father decided to take her to the hospital in Dharan. The treatment is going on and prayer and they are regularly attending the fellowship.

Now she is becoming normal. She is able to recognise the people, speaks and behaves quite good. In the past, there were no effects of any medication but now medicines also helping a lot. People are surprised to see her improved condition and interrogating how is it possible. It is the only answer that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. She addresses “Jaimasih” (praise the lord) with other believers. Though it is 5-6 km far for them to attend the fellowship they are continuously attending in worship service and some others are also joining with them from their locality. We request humbly to all to pray for her and because of her witness, there is a possibility of a new church plantation in that area in near future. Thank you.

Eld. Prakash Thapa Magar (HEF Regional Leader) Jaundol, Saptari

VerdiepingBram Krol