Story of Sangenma Rai

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. John 1:4


Sangenma Rai was born on 4th April 1996 from Dana Gaun of Bhojpur. She was living with her parents and two younger sisters following Kiranti/ Hindu religion background. Her economic income based on cardamom and orange farming and also carpentry work. Sangenma completed her school level from her village. Later she studied engineering in Bhojpur and Dharan. She has completed certificate level in engineering from Dharan. Her present job is teaching, consultant and business. 

For the first time, Sangenma heard the gospel from the gospel team from Darjeeling, India group team. At the same time she was influenced and got an encouragement from the testimony and witness of a lady from Nancy Shrestha. This was her turning point in her life. Finally, the Evangelist Bibek Rai who is the evangelist of HEF in Itahari Fellowship welcomed her in the fellowship and started to follow-up her and now she is continuously attending a fellowship.

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Before believing in Christ, Sangenma was frustrated by so many ways in her life. She along with two sisters in the family were

tortured and hated by their relatives who used to curse them because of being born as daughters (girls). Her parents were also
treated the same. The hatred from her own
relatives and parents made her even more

disappointed. She was hopeless and de-
pressed. she was a heart patient and was treated in many hospitals and by the witch doctors as well. She disappointed and worried a lot about her life. She faced numerous problems in her life such as hatred from the family, stopped supporting, superstition thought to be a girl, socially family conflict and so on. These caused her hopeless personally and difficult to tolerate being heart patient. She had been taken to the hospital in Kathmandu and also to the witch doctors for the treatment.

Now Sangenma has already found Christ and having a new life by hearing the testimony and witness of Nancy Shrestha. Nancy has given a shelter by bringing Sangema in her house. Now Nancy is taking care like her own daughter.

Sangenma giving her testimony in a mass

Sangenma giving her testimony in a mass

On 17th Feb 2018, Sangenma accepted Jesus Christ as her personal saviour. After accepting Christ, she really felt blessed. She confessed her all sins and realised that she is free from the burden and social hatred. She was healed physically as well as spiritually. Now she is trying to be fit and good health despite her heart problem. She is trying to grow spiritually more and more and regularly joining in a fellowship.

Sangenma has requested to all to pray for her health and spirutal life. She is young and single and only a Christian in a family. She has a desire to preach the gospel for her family members and bring to Christ in the future.

Bivek Rai (HEF Evangelist)

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