Nieuws van Mathias Subba

The work of Himalayan Evangelical Fellowship is completing 42 years this year (1976-2018) by God’s grace. We are thankful to God, to all our donors as well as prayer partners. In 42 years, we are able to plant 39 churches and HEF is presently working in more than 40 stations in Nepal, India and Bhutan.

In 2017, more than 6000 gospel literatures are distributed, gospel shared to more than 800 people, 230 accepted Jesus and 88 people have taken baptism in total. Two churches in Namanta Nepal and in Namsu Darjeeling were established. There are at least 4 fellowships in Nepal and 2 fellowships India ready to be established as church under Presbyterian Free Church Council making altogether 47 churches within this year 2018.

In Nepal, there are a lot of political and religious shakiness. There is no stable Government which would lead the country to development. A high rise of anti-Christian elements are on the show that encourages people to hate Christ, Christians and Church. Attack on churches and burning down church building are on the ramp. India is also facing the same. In some states of India, anti-conversion bill is passed, pastors are beaten, Christians are killed and churches are burned down. Bhutan remains still a closed land for the Good News. There is little relaxation in the Capital Thimpu. Otherwise, Christians are not enjoying the freedom to share their faith. There is constant monitoring on Christians and small fellowships.

Due to recent high religious awareness among other religions, people have become more orthodox also. There are religious revivals among other religions which has taught them to be loyal to their own old religion. This has caused reluctance in people’s heart to accept Jesus. Unlike before, HEF is facing real challenges these days to bring souls in the Kingdom of God.

In spite of these, the work of God is not stopped. There are fears, challenges and hardships, but this has rather helped people to be stronger in their faith in Christ. Of course there is forceful reconversion also but this has not blocked the beautiful plan of God for India, Nepal and Bhutan. HEF is committed to continue its mission and evangelists are dedicated to obey their calling.

Through Hyssop– a music and media wing of HEF, we are broadcasting 30 minutes gospel program every Sunday through Local TV Channel in Kalimpong.  Some Gospel concerts were done in Delhi Methodist Church to share the gospel to the Nepali people working in Delhi. A Christmas Gospel Concert was organised by a Nepali Church of Bangkok for the Nepali people who have come from Burma to work in Bangkok to earn money. A new audio album “Harek Bihani” is going to be released soon. We are planning to bring our new Gospel movie “BARDAN” soon in the market with English subtitles.

Hariyo Kharka, a training department for Discipleship and Leadership of HEF is consistently toiling to train and equip. Every January, there is a discipleship camp for 12 days conducted. Apart from this, there is mobile discipleship training for 3 days being conducted in partnership with local churches. Trainings like 3DM and TLT are conducted to disciple and equip in leadership. Hariyo Kharka has started an extension M.Div program (for those who are interested in learning theology but do not have time to go to seminary) in collaboration with Union Biblical Seminary, Pune. Right now there are 15 students studying and other 18 are yet to be registered. Hariyo Kharka is regularly publishing daily reading “Food for the Soul” and already published books like “Following His Footprints” (a discipleship book) and “Unworthy Me” (biographical writings on Rev M H Subba) written by Rev Mathusela Limboo. Apart from this, Hariyo Kharka is also involved in Pre and Post Marriage Counselling. 

Partnership- HEF is trying to bring partnership awareness between HEF and Presbyterian Free Churches and individual believers. The main cause to build this partnership is to encourage churches and individuals to support HEF mission locally bringing awareness that mission is local church responsibility. Churches and individuals have begun to response positively. We believe that we will able to explore more in days to come. In connection with this, Presbyterian Free Church Council has separated the third week of September as HEF Mission Day to celebrate and raise fund in each church under Council.

Mathias Subba